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Reliance’s reputation is built upon offering a level of outsourced IT management and support to our clients that is without peer - it is one of the fundamental reasons for our success. We work to ensure our clients are able to focus on their core business, because when they prosper so do we.

  • Comprehensive Management - Reliance can provide clients with a fixed fee support contract where we manage all aspects of your network. A key feature of this is preventative maintenance - it is in our mutual interest to ensure your network continues to run smoothly.
  • Selective Outsourcing - You may wish to offload one area of work from your in-house IT team, or you may not have the technical skills or resource to support an application or platform. Reliance can take ownership of these areas for you, provide appropriately skilled engineers both onsite and remotely, we're always 'on call'.
  • Adhoc Support - Adhoc support is charged per incident under Fee-For-Service arrangement. You may find a sudden increase in workload, or have a problem that you can't solve, perhaps you'd simply prefer not to enter into a fixed service contract for whatever reason - we're available to help on a per issue/pay-as-you-go basis, anytime during normal business hours even after dark should the need arise.