Monthly Web Roundup - November 2014

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Welcome to the November edition of our monthly newsletter. Christmas is only a short time away and many people are already preparing for the holidays and New Year. To help you prepare, we have included an article on the 7 crucial web design trends for 2015.

Have you ever wondered why ads follow you around the internet? We have an explanation to shed some light on this. We have also included an article that will help you decide when to post online.

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Answers To The Tech Questions You're Too Embarrassed To Ask
Why do ads follow me around the Internet?

A quick Google search of 'dog food' will almost certainly result in a bombardment of all kinds of pet and dog related advertisements.

This is because almost all of Google's advertising revenue is derived from AdWords (ads based on what you searched for). For example, a Miami-based law firm might buy the search terms 'Miami law firm' and get prominent placement next to a list of related search results.

A Google 'cookie' is your identifying factor and corresponds to a spot in a computer database telling the ad software to show you ads for dog related items.

7 Crucial Web Design Trends For 2015
Looking back at 2014, we can see some spectacular trends emerging in the web design landscape: code-free design platforms, parallax effects, single-page websites, and many more.

While many design trends are fleeting, a select few are natural evolutions of the industry. As the range of devices on which we view websites continues to grow, designers must constantly adapt their workflow to meet the dynamic changes that are occurring in web design.

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When's The Best Time To Post Online?
Figuring out the type of content your target audience is going to find engaging is only part of the battle – it’s also important to make sure they actually see your content. So when is the best time to post online?

Studies have shown that when it comes to social media marketing, the best times to post differs depending on the platform.

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