Referral Promotion Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Every time one of our valued clients makes a successful referral on our behalf to a new client we’ll say thank you by applying a credit amount in appreciation - this will be reflected on their next invoice and is subject to the following terms and conditions;

  • Successfull Referral: A successful referral is defined as a client having suggested that a third party use the services of Reliance Technology, and said third party having acted on that advise subsequently engages Reliance Technology without further prompting from Reliance to perform billable work, without further prompting from Reliance Technology the thrid party must also identify the referring party. Both parties will be informed of the successful referral via email.
  • Credit Amount: The credit amount currently being applied for successful referrals is 1.5 Hours of IT Support, is subject to all other standard fee schedule terms and conditions, this amount is subject to change and withdrawal without notice