Monthly Web Roundup - April 2017

Posted by: Lucas Bradley

The April edition of the Reliance Web Newsletter.

Starting with a look at Dropbox, not only have they recently redesigned their webapp, they have also made some significant changes to their service. In particular the public folder function. We also take a look at some social media predictions from Sensis for 2017. And finally, we take a look at a current web trend of 2017: Duotone Gradient Imagery.

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4 New Dropbox Public Folder Changes You Need to Know
Are you a Dropbox user? Then you should know that Dropbox’s Public folder feature has received some huge changes, Including the removal of the Public folder on the basic tier and rendering HTML content will no longer be possible starting September 1st. Click the link below to find out what you need to know about the changes to Dropbox’s Public folder.

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3 predictions for social media marketing in 2017
Social media marketing is no different - it seems like almost every week there’s a new advertising option or tool announced that can streamline workflows and maximise results.

Here are three key trends on which we expect to see significant focus over the next 12 months from Sensis.

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Web Design Trends 2017: Duotone gradient imagery
In the pursuit of staying more on brand, more brands are using duotone imagery and graphics for their websites. Spotify is a great example of this with their current Design

Not strictly duotones, but some designs are even experimenting with two or three colors and using the duotone effect. Think Instagram. While flat design helped us get rid of (most) gradients, using duotone imagery that combines a couple of colors together has proven to be a nice update to the old and tired gradients and solid color areas.

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