Monthly Web Roundup - August 2014

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Welcome to the August edition of our monthly newsletter. We hope you've had a stress free end of financial year and are enjoying the benefits of your well earned tax return.

This month we thought we would briefly explain the differences between a Mac and a PC computer. We introduce the new BC webmail platform which now allows you to synchronise your calendar and contacts across multiple devices. Also in this issue we offer a few ideas to help you optimise your workspace.

As always, if you have any questions, we would welcome your contact.
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Answers To The Tech Questions You're Too Embarrassed To Ask
What's the difference between a Mac and a PC, really?

It has (almost) everything to do with the software. PCs are usually running some version of Windows, which acts as the 'foundation' upon which the computer can crunch numbers, run software, browse the Internet, and carry out any other task. Apple products run OS X, the company's proprietary operating system for its hardware, which accomplishes the same tasks in its own way.

You might think of them as two different languages. Some people speak Spanish, others speak English. An English-only speaker can't communicate effectively with a Spanish-only speaker in the same way that Mac-only software won't run on PC hardware.

Introducing The New Webmail
For our BC webmail clients the new webmail platform is modern looking, faster and a lot more intuitive. It is packed with new features such as mobile sync for calendars and address books, cloud storage for files and extensive domain and user management capabilities (meaning you can do alot more when using the admin features.)

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14 Ideas for Optimizing Your Workspace
A lot of us spend the majority of the day at our desks. Unfortunately prolonged sitting and unoptimized work conditions can lead to a host of health issues including back, shoulder, wrist and eye injuries.

Changing the way our desks are organised and keeping files and folders tidy are a few simple ways that we can optimise our workspaces.

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