Monthly Web Roundup - August 2016

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This month we look at what is "Millennial Branding" and how simplicity is key. In social media news Instagram has begun rolling out their new business profiles. Find out how the toolkit can assist to market your business. And we also take a look at how Facebook have made changes to their social media sharing tools to bring them inline with modern design.

I also have an ulterior motive this month. I’ve been nominated for the Service with a Smile award in this years’ Rhino Awards. Voting is nearing a close and I’d love your support by voting here:

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What is millennial branding, and why should you care?
In 2016, we’re living in an age of information saturation. At each turn we are bombarded with images and messages; everything we could ever want to know is at our fingertips (literally).

Simple design, when used correctly, can articulate the most important part of a brand’s message. So, what simplistic logo designs are emerging in 2016?

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Instagram starts slow roll out of business profiles
Instagramm announced it would be releasing a new set of business tools back in may, and according to Wired, these are finally starting to roll out in certain regions – mainly Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

As a recap, the new business profiles are heavily inspired by Facebook’s business Pages. Perhaps the most notable feature is the big ‘contact’ button, allowing you to to text, call or email a business.

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Facebook has redesigned its Like, Share, Follow and Save buttons
Of all Facebook’s good design choices, the ‘like’ button remains an example of a bygone design era. That’s all changing though: Facebook has updated to Like button.

Instead of the familiar ‘f’ and a bubble telling you how many likes a post has, the new button integrates the familiar ‘thumbs up’ and like count into one icon, with the ‘f’ disappearing entirely.

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