Monthly Web Roundup - February 2015

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2015 is in full swing; the holidays are long gone, business is back to normal and it's shaping up to be a fantastic year.

In this edition of the monthly newsletter, we have included an article that introduces a new website created by Google that explains how Google search works. Also included this month is an article that explains sizes, dimensions, and post length on different social media sites and 5 quick design tips to help you increase the amount of visitors to your website.

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Google Explains 'How Search Works' With New Interactive Site
If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes every time someone types a query into Google Search, a new animated website called "How Search Works" has been launched by Google to explain it all. The website is an interactive scrolling graphic, broken into three distinct sections: one on Google's massive web-crawling and indexing operation (covering 30 trillion pages), another on its alogrithms and ranking strategy, and a final section on how it fights and removes spam.

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The Definitive Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet
Social networks are constantly changing their appearance to keep up with the needs of their subscribers.

It can be frustrating to design your brand’s page, only to find out that the wrong sized photo was used, or it’s showing only a portion of what you intended the post to show.

An infographic on everything you need to know about sizes, dimensions, and post length has been created to help you with social media.

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5 Quick Design Tips To Get More Website Visitors
Creating content for web users is always a challenge, but engaging customers can be even more difficult.

Ensuring your visitors are happy with site design is just the first step. You also need to find ways to keep visitors engaged with your content, stay longer and keep coming back. Following are five simple tips on how to increase engagement and get more visitors to your site.

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