Monthly Web Roundup - November 2017

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The November edition of the Reliance Web Newsletter.

It's a big month for social media, with companies testing and introducing many quality of life features. Twitter has doubled the amount of characters in a tweet, with 280 becoming the new 140. Instagram is making it easier for users to stay up to date with the latest trends by allowing people to "follow" hashtags. And finally we have an article on how introducing good design to your email campaigns can increase your user engagement.

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Twitter’s 280 character tweets are rolling out for everyone
After testing a new 280-character limit a couple of months ago, Twitter is now rolling out the new limit to everyone.

Twitter says you shouldn’t expect to see an apocalyptic flood of massive tweets now, though. According to its data, the number of tweets with a higher-than-average character count was small after the initial novelty wore off. In fact, only 5 percent of tweets sent by testers were longer than 140 characters.

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Instagram experiments with letting you follow hashtags
Sometimes, you don't want to keep up with individual people on Instagram as you do a trending topic -- say, the latest in tech or a big protest. That currently involves laborious searches for hashtags, but it might become relatively trivial soon.

Users have discovered that Instagram is testing an option to follow hashtags, not just people. While this only includes popular and recent posts (it could easily become overwhelming if you got all of them), it could easily give you a sense of what's hot and suggest new people to follow.

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How to Update Your Email Newsletter Design to Increase Clicks
Email newsletters are the perfect way to stay in touch. After all, people skim their emails on the bus, during their lunch break, and while they’re watching TV.

Even though email marketing delivers an ROI of $44 for every $1 spent, an individual’s email inbox is a competitive environment. According to Emfluence, the average click-through rate on B2C emails is about 4%, versus an open rate of 22%.

How can you encourage more people to take action when they receive your email newsletter? The answer is design. If you’re not using the best design for your emails, you might be disappointed by your results.

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