Monthly Web Roundup - October 2014

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Hello again! How was your long weekend? It's been an eventful last week with labour day, the rugby league grand final, and how about the lunar eclipse!

In this edition, we have an alert about the Australia Post email scam that is going around. We are also going to look at some common mistakes that are made when it comes to creating or designing a business logo, along with a great comparison of the 2 major players in the game of Search Engines. Google vs Bing.

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Australia Post email scam on rise again
Australia Post is warning customers of emails which advise that a "courier" was unable to deliver a parcel to their address. Australia Post does not request customers to remit a payment for parcel collection, nor does it charge customers for holding a parcel.

The aim of this email scam is to install malicious software such as 'ransomware' which can 'take over' your computer files. Prevention is the best approach to any malware. It's vital that you know the warning signs of a phishing scam. Never download and run software from the internet unless you are absolutely certain it is safe. If you are unsure, ask your technical support provider.

If you receive this email, please delete it.

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5 Common Mistakes in Business Logo Design
While people in certain fields take logo design really seriously (graphic designers and architects for instance) it’s one of those things a lot of entrepreneurs in various fields take for granted. Let’s be honest - when was the last time you saw a logo for an insurance company that really held your attention?

A logo should do a few things:
  • Set you apart from the competition
  • Build trust, and
  • Help you sell whatever you’ve got to sell
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Google vs Bing - A Comparison
In Australia, Google is the dominant search engine used, claiming a market share in excess of 90%.

Throughout the year, however, Microsoft has been taking steps to try and increase Bing's placement against Google, with the hopes of earning more Australian adopters. And while it hasn't exactly been a success story, Bing is ever-so-slightly increasing its market share. Lets look at 7 features of both search engines and how they compare to one another.

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