Monthly Web Roundup - October 2015

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This month we look at the much hyped "Mobilegeddon" and see if having a mobile friendly website impacts on your search ranking. We also find out how you can use social media to boost your search rankings and how social media is vital to your SEO strategy. And finally we look at some potential deal breakers when it comes to bad site design and how that could affect your brand.

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SMB Hit Hardest By Mobilegeddon
Though many consider Mobilegeddon to have been much ado about nothing, digital agency Koozai found that Google's mobile-focused algorithm has had a significant impact on small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

According to Koozai's May survey of 2,000 SMBs with 50 or fewer employees, 46 percent of respondents have experienced changes in ranking. From that group, 41 percent have seen a drop in rankings by at least three places, resulting in drops in traffic - as much as 50 percent in some cases.

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Do Social Media and SEO Impact Google Rankings?
The Internet is an ever-evolving thing, and getting the marketing results you need requires adaptability. You might have stuck with simple SEO “techniques” in the past, but changes in search engine algorithms make it important to realize how important social media sharing is to your overall SEO strategy. With that being said, knowing your current SEO ranking and score is extremely important before even thinking about making any changes.

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6 Outdated Web Design Trends
There are a few things that can put the brakes on a solid prospect’s relationship with your brand, and a bad website is among the quickest.

The majority of customers who visit your website will spend less than 15 seconds on the home page before clicking off; this means you have 15 seconds to capture their attention and present them with information that will help them invest interest in your brand.

Unfortunately, many brands are employing outdated, unattractive website design elements and features, increasing the number of prospects who leave their websites before they know the first thing about the company.

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